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About school

British Football School (BFS) offers one-to-one online English lessons with UEFA qualified native-English sports teachers. Our sports curriculum is designed to help children from 5 to 14 years develop their English grammar and build their confidence to speak, as well as increasing their sports knowledge and skills.

About the lessons

As in our traditional training sessions, BFS students learn and practice English using sports topics. This approach makes it possible to simultaneously improve sports knowledge, strengthen communication skills and increase self-confidence. Learn English and play sports without leaving your home!

Lesson examples

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What do kids say about BFS?

Valentina from Argentina
Misha from Germany
Denis from Romania
Andrey from Russia

Testimonials from parents

“It was a great idea to offer such kind of activities as kids have a connection with trainers and football! Sessions with Coach Martin are simply great, our son is never bored during these sessions as Martin keeps him involved all the time! There is a lot of new information Illia received about physical body structure, nutrition and sport in general. With Coach Jake Illia learns a theory about football and football players which I think wider the horizons of this mind. Thanks for this idea and your efforts!”

Natalia, Ukraine

“My son really likes it! And as a mom, I also like your approach and system. During the lesson, the child has all the senses involved: sees and reads, does exercises and takes objects with his hands, at the same time pronounces words in English! I liked the game Master & Robot, this is generally a cool move to involve the child in the process and pass the initiative to him. After the lesson, the son asked to write all the words, rewrote several times, circled the colours and drew the instructions. Such a strong motivation to learn English is very pleasing! We liked everything, thanks!”

Ksenia, Russia

“We were nervous at first, as we are new to this learning style, but we are surprised and very happy that Moritz is just enjoying these lessons! Coach Jake is really trying and doing a great job. Every morning our son is looking forward to lessons - thank you so much! ”

Irene, Austria

“The coaches are well organised and are always well balanced. But most importantly, the children have fun! My boy is always enthusiastic to attend!”

Dino, Australia



Why BFS?

  • WE WELCOME EVERYONE - beginner to advanced levels, for ages 5-14.
  • Native-English BRITISH specialists with experience of working non-native speaking children and who have lived in Eastern Europe, so also have an understanding of different cultural needs.
  • The course is based on learning English through fun and interactive activities. Age appropriate vocabulary and grammar is taught in the context of sport, facilitated by native English teachers and coaches.
  • Qualified coaches and teachers in different sports, over 10 years of experience per coach. Fun, friendly and engaging lessons (created for each child).
  • Flexible hours, lessons are anytime between 10:00-20:00.


What are the advantages for existing clients in learning English?

  • Like with our regular training sessions, children can practice their English language using sports as a medium. They can gain other positive attributes like increased sports knowledge, self-confidence and improve their communication skills. The lessons will ensure that children keep fit, healthy and learn English at the same time. AND the lessons can help them to be more focused and active, at a time when we are all unable to go outdoors!
  • We believe that learning is most effective when it is fun.
  • The BFS coaches and teachers will discuss and decide with each parent the material focused on, as each child has different levels of sports and language ability, as well as concentration, maturity and interests. We work to use the strengths of learners to maximise efficiency. For example, if the student is a visual learner, we focus on images. If the student is an audio learner, we focus on singing songs. If the student is a kinasthetic learner, we focus on using actions to enhance their learning. All these elements are also combined to ensure that all areas of learning are developed accordingly. The teachers and coaches are carefully to maximise the student’s learning abilities.


How long does the course last?

  • Each lesson last 30minutes or 60minutes. When you purchase a package our coaches or sports teachers will contact you and discuss the focus of the lesson, to create them based on the language ability as well as sports ability.

You can choose:

  • SPORTS CHATS – with BFS coaches with the focus on practicing English and small football exercises. 30minutes in length.
  • ENGLISH SPORTS LESSON – with BFS teachers (Martin and Donovan) focused on structured English lessons using our own sports curriculum. 60minutes in length (or 2 x 30minutes).


The advantages of having an English based curriculum?

  • The curriculum includes vocabulary and grammar that the student will encounter at school. This means that students will be familiar with language that would otherwise be new to them. Students with BFS would then have an advantage in their academic life and their sporting life. The curriculum also includes vocabulary and grammar found in Cambridge YLE and Trinity GESE. This makes it easier for students to be able to complete these exams and become certified English speakers furthering their chances of being accepted into top schools and universities.


What are the requirements?

  • Base level of English at a language school or English school. If a complete beginner then parental participation is required.


What are the advantages of further school attendance?

  • Children who learn with BFS coaches and teachers can then join our regular training sessions and improve their English language and football abilities, but in a group environment where extra skills are taught such as problem solving, teamwork and sportsmanship and empathy. This can be regular training sessions at one of our centres across Romania and Russia at our training camps in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania and Russia.


What parents get?

  • A personally created series of lessons by BFS coaches and sports teachers, each best suiting the ability and needs of each child.


How much do the lessons cost?

You can choose:

  • 1-on-1 sports chats – 1 credit per lesson (30mins).
  • Group chats chats – 1 credit for 2 lessons (30mins, minimum of 5 people).
  • 1-on-1 English sports lessons – 3 credits per lesson (2x60mins for ages 7-14, 2x30mins for ages 5-6).


How to find our more information?

  • You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in touch with our coaches and find out what they are up to during this period, and to see what suggestions they have for tricks and exercises your child can do to keep sharpening their skills whilst stuck at home or away from the football pitch.

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